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Shri Shiva Mandir     
Minto Heights 
Smiths Creek 
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Minto Heights
Campbelltown - Leumeah - Pembroke Park - McBarron Creek - Jersey Reserve -
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Smiths Creek Reserve -  Leumeah Creek - Campbelltown North.

Minto Heights

"John Warby is regarded as the "founding father" of Leumeah. He was transported as a convict in 1792 and ten years later was appointed as a constable to protect the famous wild cattle of the Cow Pastures. In this role he forged a close friendship with the Tharawals and when he was granted 260 acres (104ha) on Bow Bowing Creek in 1816, Warby named his estate after the Aboriginal phrase for "Here I Rest". This property straddled what is now the border of Campbelltown and Leumeah. His house was demolished in 1963, but his old stable and barn still exist - although there is some confusion over which is which. The stable is home to "The Barn Restaurant", while the barn is part of the "Colonial Motor Inn". Warby lived on Leumeah until his death in 1851."  www.campbelltown.nsw.gov.au  

Plan of the Estate of John Warby