Walk 002
[North Coastal]
[14.6 km ]




Cabuynan (Tanauan)
Santo Nino (Tanauan)
San Roque (Tanauan)
Magay (Tanauan)
Santa Cruz (
San Joaquin (Palo)
Cogon (Palo)
Solano (Tanauan)
Licod (Tanauan)


Cabuynan to Cogon River
Starting from our family home at Cabuynan, Tanauan, the walk follows the coast north along the beach from Bislig through Darahuay and Ambaw. It then continues through the Tanauan beachside baranguys of Santo Nino and San Roque. Then along the beach via Buntay, Magay, Santa Cruz, San Joaquin and Cogon to the mouth of the Cogon River. Returns via Santa Cruz, Calocog, Solano and Licod, ending in downtown Tanauan at the Burgos Street tricycle terminal. Features beautiful coastal views.

Skimboarding at Santo Nino.

Tanauan is recognized as the “Skimboarding Capital” of the Philippines. It is told by tradition that Skimboarding was first introduced in Tanauan in 2000, when an American national came to Tanauan to win the heart of a local lass. Since Tanauan is situated along the coast facing San Pedro Bay, the American national started making a skimboard which he eventually finished. However, he was not able to teach the local youths on how to use it since he had to leave back to the States. He left the skimboard and the local youths started to train themselves on how to use it. Young people from Barangay San Roque and Barangay Sto. Nino started making prototypes of the skimboard which were sold to the enthusiasts.[Since then, skimboarding started to spread to the nearby towns and later on throughout the country. Currently, National and International Skimboarding Competitions are held annually at the Bantay Dagat Area in Tanauan."