The Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking
“Walking improves not only our mood, but our endurance and strength as well.  Walking keeps the joints lubricated and nourished, strengthening the ligaments and tendons throughout our ankles, hips and knees. Walking works to strengthen our heart and lungs by increases in our respiratory and heart rates.”
-  Douglas Schrift

"As people continue to walk and become more physically fit, the list of mental benefits grows. Walkers report improved self-confidence and self-esteem , as well as increased concentration and efficiency in mental activities."
- Dr James M. Rippe, Complete Book of Fitness Walking, Prentice Hall Press, NY 1989

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There are so many websites about the benefits of walking for seniors that I have taken the easy way out and  included a google link here: Walking Health Benefits
How Walking can Help your Health

Two older woman walking in winter'There's no doubt that keeping active is good for our health. But that doesn't necessarily
mean that you have to start spending every day at the gym. You might be surprised by
the number of health benefits that are associated with getting out for a brisk walk.'

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